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Welcome To Boom BapTizm

BOOM BAPtizm is a blog/forum dedicated to preserving the golden age sound of the 80’s and 90’s HIP HOP known as BOOM BAP. The most noticeable characteristics of this style of Hip Hop is its timeless sound, skillful lyrics, wordplay and the fashion sense that each emcee, DJ, beat maker and B-Boy brought to the culture. Today, the BOOM BAP sound of Hip Hop can seen and heard all over the world. There are countless of emcees, DJ’s,beat makers and B-Boys who are still out here in the world spitting real lyrics with intricate rhyme patterns, scratching/cutting records, looping/chopping up samples as well as performing back spins and windmills. The purpose of BOOM BAPtizm is to salute and give a voice to those emcees, DJ’s, beat makers and B-Boy’s whose style remains close to the Golden Age of Hip Hop. So… FOCUS IN and PAY ATTENTION. BOOM BAPtizm brings to you “THE INVASION OF THE GOLDEN AGE”, GET BAPtized!